Leadership Academy

Today’s teenagers – tomorrow's leaders

20 hrs of morning + 5 afternoon lessons per week

This is a combination of sport and mental activities for teenagers aged 12 – 14 and 15 – 17!

Program improves your English Speaking Skills

We use English language actively in everyday communication with professors and peers.


Do you know that 65% of today's children will one day engage in occupations that are CURRENTLY NON EXISTING? No educational system is preparing them for this. They will need completely new combinations of knowledge and skills acquired ON THEIR OWN.

As a solution, in Euroclub we offer them, not only English as the language of the world, but also exercises and activities in CREATIVE THINKING, PROBLEM SOLVING AND EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE. They will practice attitudes and actions for respect and success.

In addition, the Leadership Academy also includes sport activities necessary for life and healthy development.


The base of the program is two weeks and it is ideal in combination with Adventure camp. You can choose only one week program, too.

Workshops daily schedule:

Lesson 1 Sport

Lesson 2 Leadership

Lesson 3 Leadership and team building

If you’re already a leader – this program will make you better one.

If you’re not yet a leader, this program will help you develop a leadership attitude. As well as a positive attitude – a leadership attitude changes everything – suddenly you are doing things you never knew you could do.