ENGLISH SUMMER CAMP - Brodarica, Šibenik-Croatia

Adventure Camp Euroclub Brodarica - Sibenik

Experience your Summer adventure – sun&sea&fun by discovering the beauty of Dalmatia. Choose one of 7 programs, and in your free time take part in excursions – Split, Trogir, Šibenik, Krapanj , and activities - paintball, archery, air gun, tubes, jet ski, adventure park with zip line, rafting, go kart…

Explore, Excel and Enjoy - Spirit and Adventure

#LEARN..... something new – choose one out of 6 programs in English

In the camp, you can choose one of the programs per week. Even all of them are in English, Oxford English Academy is led by native speakers and qualified English teachers.


Regardless your choice of the main program, you will have lots of sport, creative and fun activities in your free time, quizzes, tournaments, games… All the activities tend to inspire self-confidence and socialization.

During 2 week programs you will experience these adventures

Rafting on the river Cetina

Spectacular rafting experience
The longest river in Dalmatia
Half day trip
Swimming, light cliff jumps


Real nature enviroment
Team competition

Adrenalin park - low&high ropes sa zip lineom

Visit Biograd
Try 130 lanes
20 zipline drops from 20 to 170 meters long

National park Krka

Experience the enchanting nature
Scientific, cultural, educational and recreational purpose

Šibenik photo treasure hunt

Discover the secrets of a midevil city
Find the treasure before anybody else
Best way to discover Šibenik

Trogir photo treasure hunt

Find all the famous secrets before anybody else
Shopping and sightseeing


Practice swimming and diving with equipment
Includes tubes and fins
Base for underwater sports like underwater hockey and rugby

Go kart

A real adrenaline charge for your and your friends

Sponge island Krapanj

The smallest and most populated island on the Adriatic
Island of the centuries-old tradition of diving, sponge production and fishing
The most famous sponge tradition is over 300 years old


#MAKE FRIENDS... students from all around the world!

Multicultural environment in our camp is perfect for you to make life long friendships. In the past 26 years, more than 126 000 students from all around the world have participated in our programs. Our English lessons will come handy here too, since if you find a sympathy from abroad, there is no other way but to talk in English :)



#MAKE FRIENDS..... with fellow campers from more than 35 countries

Our official language is English. In the past 28 years more than 125 000 children from over 35 countries took part in one of our programs.

 Good times and crazy friends = amazing memories

#EXCELL… .. become a leader

65% of today’s children will one day work at JOBS THAT DO NOT EXIST TODAY. Our educational system does a pore job by preparing them for that. Besides compulsory active knowledge of English – a language of the World, children will surely need CREATIVE THINKING, PROBLEM SOLVING AND EMOTIONAL ACTIVITIES. All our campers will have activities that combine these in their free time.

Think positive, keep fit and have fun

#DISCOVER..... why is Dalmatia again top destination in the word

Live up the adventure and discover Dalmatia through interesting excursions and activities. Beside cultural centres Split, Zadar, Šibenik and Trogir (you will discover them through photo scavenger hunt), there are also National Park Krka Waterfalls and Sponge island Krapanj you can experience.

Luša 22, Brodarica Šibenik, Croatia

Office: +385/(0)21 483-055 Camp: +385/(0)+95 907-9116

Representative - Russia:Дмитрий Резниченко 
T:+7 91 19404323